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TACX Flux 2

Powerful Smart Direct Drive Trainer with Full Cycling App Compatibility

  • Measure your power within 2.5% accuracy

  • Next-to-silent direct drive lets you ride without disturbing others

  • Works with popular third-party training apps such as Zwift and Tacx®

  • Train with realistically simulated inclines up to a 16% gradient and a maximum sprint resistance of 2,000 watts

  • Sturdy design allows for riding at high intensities and standing on the pedals

wahoo KICKR

Whether on a virtual training ride or doing a high-intensity interval workout, KICKR AXIS offers immediate feedback by responding to rider tempo and body position changes. With 5° of lateral side-to-side movement, indoor training feels more like the experience of riding outdoors.

Wahoo_KICKR v5_WFBKTR120_KICKR_Road_AXIS_Male_DS_GenericBike.jpg
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